Chelsea courtyard

Location: Chelsea
Site Description: A large area surrounded by a block of flats in a “L” shape
The Brief: Planting design in a series of raised beds in the main courtyard and in the private allotment behind the building. The client also requested improving the planting around the building and installing 24 hanging baskets
The design process: In the brick raised beds under the Trachycarpus fortunei, used as focal point, were planted several Lavender “hidcote” to create an Mediterranean atmosphere. In the empty space around the Lavenders were planted bulbs such as Tulips, Muscaris, Narcissi, Alliums etc for colour during spring and early summer
Major Hard landscape material: Bricks
Major soft landscape materials: Trachycarpus fortunei, Hedera helix, Lavanders and bulbs
Final result: A garden that have structural planting and colour all year round