Muswell Hill 2

Location: Muswell Hill
Site description: A garden in two levels. The lawn area in the first level were neglected and without shape and the brick patio on the second level need to be improved
The brief: The client’s victorian house influenced the garden style. She had a traditional English taste for plants but was open to modern ideas as long as they fitted with the style of the house
The design process: A sketch proposal was followed by a planting plan after she sent  him a survey. During the design process she added a romantic conservatory to open up the vista to the garden from the house. New steps were added to lead the new conservatory to the brick patio and also a new raised bed.
Major hard landscape materials: Brick, gravel and wooden trellis
Major soft landscape materials: Magnolia grandiflora, Phyllostachys aurea and Phormiun tenax
Final result: A garden with a strong shape and beautiful structural plants