Roberto Silva is a London based landscape architect and garden designer who has been living and working in UK since 1998. He has been interested in landscape and gardens from an early age when he started gardening in his family farm in northeast Brazil.He went on to study Agronomy at the University in Pernambuco, followed by further training in garden design in Sao Paulo. There, he also visited gardens by other designers including Burle Marx who became one of his influences.After his training, he worked  as a green space supervisor, creating and restoring  gardens  in Public spaces.

In  UK, he studied English Garden Design at Capel Manor, then completed his master degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of Greenwich. Roberto has designed gardens in Brazil, France, Japan and the UK  and his work has been published several times in magazines such Financial times /how to spend it, the sunday times / style magazine and gardens illustrated including his most known project the Foster garden.

He has has been invited for international residential garden show in Japan in 2016 where he got an award for his project. His Islington garden has been awarded “Highly commended” in the association of professional landscapers and two awards for services in 2016 and 2018 from the Houzz website platform. In 2018, he was invited to be  a garden expert in the Grand design show in Olympia . In the past he got an award called “Voto de Aplausos” from his hometown in Brazil and has been invited for several international competition including the prestigious one by English heritage in Deal Castle which he was shortlisted among five contestant

He writes occasionally for specialist garden magazines and also a guest speaker in landscape and garden seminars.


Working as a landscape and garden designer, Roberto’s main aim is to work according to clients requirements, budget and ambition, making sure the design fit well with the house and landscape. His work is clean, without too many ornaments with well defined proportions, forms and shapes. Where is possible not limiting the design to just plant composition but as a living sculpture to be in. Taking those consideration into account, he will also ensure his schemes are implemented to the highest standard and attention to details.

Inspiration and influences can come from anything he sees and from a collage of ideas and memories stored during his life, as well as intuition and emotions. Gardens have also a great impact. Apart from Burle Marx, any sculptural and abstract gardens , Japanese gardens and minimalism. ” I like to explore gardens as an art form using strong and elegant lines,” he says, “where it is possible using architectural plants mixed with perennials and grasses and trying to preserve their personalities and space.




His Book New Brazilian Gardens the legacy of Burle Marx has been published by Thames and Hudson and very much reflect his taste and philosophy for gardens.

New Brazilian Gardens




New Brazilian Gardens is for professional gardeners, amateurs and garden lovers everywhere.