Pimlico garden

Location: Pimlico

Brief: The client wanted to create a minimal design but to go with the interiors. The drain pipes hidden

Design Process: In small spaces texture and theater play a central role. Large containers were brought to contrast with the textured white walls. A polished stainless steel structure was designed to hide the pipes. The bench works as a sculpture and also as a focal point in the garden. Buxus sempervirens were planted in the containers and in the windowsill a large window box were planted with white cyclamen . In the evening the garden is as its best with the lights uplighting the containers against the wall.

The second time they decide to change the pattern wall for a rendered white one. I specified Astelias which has a metallic look.

Major hardlandscape Materials: texture white walls, glass, stainless steel

Major softlandscape materials: Buxus sempervirens and Cyclamen

Final result: A minimal design which works as a space to entertain as well as to be seen from the house