St john’s wood garden

Location: St John’s Wood
Site description: A garden in two levels. The first level was  built with  old  concrete slabs and on the second level, the garden was divided in two areas with trellis in the middle. The garden had  a very old lay out with unkempt shrubs and trees
The brief: To redesign the garden in a modern style, keeping the shrubs and trees that were relevant to the new design
The design Process: Roberto created an open garden that could be view from the house. The patio area had new Indian sandstone installed and on the second level, two circular lawns. Between the lawn a series of circular row of granite sets created a pattern and integrated the two circles in one organic shape
Major hardlandscape materials: Indian sandstone, granite setts and stucco walls
Major softlandscapes materials: Eucalyptus sp, Pittosporum sp and wisteria sp.
Final result: A modern and open lay out where space and form were considered according to the existing planting