Muswell Hill garden

Site description:A large garden in North London

Brief: The main part of the brief was to solve the drainage around the site and design the garden according to the stylish interiors

Design process: the main challenge was to design the garden around the three existing trees. Other challenge were the slopes along and across the garden that need to be levelled. The garden has four different areas: the black balustrade, the slate patio, the lawn and the gravel area. A decking structure was designed as a transitional one between the lawn and the self binding grave. The intention was to protect the tree roots and at the same time the steps. The Lighting is very carefully designed with LED strips on the main steps and up lighting the trees and create a simple and dramatic effect in the evening

Softlandscape: Amelanchier lamarkii, Eryobotria japonica, Dicksonias  and many others

Hardlandscape: slate, cedar and self binding gravel.