Location: Highgate, London
Site Description: A large, steep and narrow garden with a stunning woodland background.
The Brief: The client required a modern garden using straight lines where modern materials and lay out contrasted with a more traditional planting.
The Design Process: The patio near the house was enlarged to accommodate a rectangular table. Roberto Designed large and asymmetrical rendered walls in both sides. The steep side was redesigned in three levels: the patio in yorkstone cut into strips, the rectangular lawn and the circular and children playground on the back.
A simple and black painted water feature was turned into a simple focal point for the garden. In the evening, lighting creates a dramatic effect for the evening parties.
Major Hard landscape Materials: Yorkstone cut into strips, brick and rendered walls.
Major Soft landscape Materials: Acers, Betula jacquemontii,Amelanchier lamarckii, Hydrangeas, Fatsia japonica, Phyllostachys nigra, ferns, Euphorbia robbiae, Nandina domestica, etc.