Highbury garden

Location: Highbury and Islington
Site description: A flat site with two large areas in front of the building.The right hand side is flush with the car park and the left side slightly raised.
The brief: The client wanted a strong concept for each space but with different atmosphere in each one
The design process: Roberto developed three gardens instead of two and unified all of them by creating three rows of Amelankier lamarkii in all of them. The first garden in the right hand side was minimal with a Betula Sp planted in the middle as a focal point. The second garden adjacent he designed a lawn area with two rows of Amelankier sp in each side that leads to an area where a seat would be brought to create a focal point. The third area in the left side a ramp was designed which lead to a large circular area. Trellis were installed in front of the two buildings to create symmetry in the concept
Major hardlandscpe materials: Self binding gravel, concrete pavers and wooden trellis
Major soflandscape materials: Betula utilis jacquemontii, Amelankier lamarkii and Euphorbia chacaracias “Wulfenii”
Final result: A large garden divided in three where the residents could enjoy different atmosphere